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Poll for payment - Sphinx - 07-12-2013

Hi guys, today i want to do a poll for the payment about seabot, the final version is coming very soon.
marks the payment system that you prefer.



RE: Poll for payment - madbull - 07-12-2013

For me it's PAYSAFCARD !
But i think there are too much problem in the version 2.0.2.. to buy it.
What is the final version ?
Thanks ,keep good work

RE: Poll for payment - uhu7610 - 07-12-2013

permanent subscription but with a reasonable price ( 25€ seabot 1 ) ( paysafcard )

RE: Poll for payment - crank91 - 07-12-2013


RE: Poll for payment - CrazyJoy - 07-12-2013

Pay Safe card

RE: Poll for payment - JoNMii - 07-12-2013

First to see is how seafight reacts with a encryption... One update One Bot Killed!

RE: Poll for payment - Sphinx - 08-12-2013

If the license will be permanent the price will be 30 € for license.. The beta version is for know every bug and fix it so, post every bug you find thanks.. The final version is coming very sono..
Thanks for watching


RE: Poll for payment - uhu7610 - 08-12-2013

the price for monthly subscription ?

RE: Poll for payment - Gillibaba - 08-12-2013

After sometimes if get my ship sunk, bot doesn´t work anymore. It write: Login ... and bot stop
Is this problem on my pc or bug from bot ?
i have net framework 4.5 already

RE: Poll for payment - crosxd - 08-12-2013