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next release - alp120 - 24-12-2013

when you release 2.0.14 for bonus map hurry up insider

Regards Wink

RE: next release - JoNMii - 24-12-2013

Please, considerate that iNSiDER is working to hard. Be patient, he is working as he can.

RE: next release - barbagianni - 25-12-2013

We said already many times that we do our best to make the bonus map bot but we cannot predict when it will come out also if we do our best to let you have it as soon as possible.

RE: next release - beckam14 - 06-01-2014

I want this to

RE: next release - barbagianni - 07-01-2014

If you want the license for the bot you have to buy it with paypal, if you ae talking about this thread the bonus map is available so i'll now close this topic