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buying license - Kovalainen32m - 02-01-2014

hello, am I able to download and use new version after i´ve bought a seabot license? Or do I have to use the version I´ve bought, and need to buy new versions aswell?

What am I going to do with the code/serial after I´ve bought it?

RE: buying license - iNSiDER - 02-01-2014

You will be able to download new versions as well.
With your license code you don't have to do anything, your license will be activated automatically after payment.


RE: buying license - Kovalainen32m - 02-01-2014

Thanks for the fast answer, I´ve bought a license

RE: buying license - nabil - 03-01-2014

Please Don't Buy...I need bot NOW!

RE: buying license - barbagianni - 03-01-2014

(03-01-2014, 01:31 AM)nabil Wrote: Please Don't Buy...I need bot NOW!

What you said has no sense speak clearly.

RE: buying license - Felipeqlopo - 03-01-2014

cuanto dinero salen el bot?

RE: buying license - Universe - 03-01-2014


Seabot cost 30 € .

RE: buying license - barbagianni - 04-01-2014

English/Italian only