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BANN! - Dickhead - 09-01-2014

Hi guys, today have been banned a lot of accounts, in my team were saved only 2 people Big Grin Pay attention, this bot has still security problems.

RE: BANN! - Alexz1997 - 09-01-2014

me too, I have banned my account

RE: BANN! - Kurchy - 09-01-2014

me too XDD

RE: BANN! - hallo_du - 09-01-2014

EVERYONE is blocked the offered used at least 1 times ha my 2 were also only just locked!

RE: BANN! - donbecci - 09-01-2014

is not the fault of insider well but is yours! everywhere is written that you can be banned, then the fault is yours that you put your ships 24/24 with the bot

RE: BANN! - JoNMii - 09-01-2014

F***ing BP, im personally will try to ***** that shity game

RE: BANN! - Bonez - 09-01-2014

Yeah.. my account is banned, too Big Grin

RE: BANN! - JoNMii - 09-01-2014

Dont worry, SeaFight is a shitty game, be happy, this is not the end of the life Wink

You can make an account and start with this until your ban is finished, im sure in 3 months you can build a FULL SHIP without money. Bot strategy Wink

RE: BANN! - Hacker01 - 09-01-2014


my 3 Accounts are banned to. Now they ban big Accounts ,too. I had one Account in the top10 and the other in the Top 100 and i payed a lot of money Big Grin
So they ban now big account too for three months.

So , see you guys on map in three months Big Grin

And dont worry life is go on Wink
And it is not the fault of iNSIDER he do a good job.

RE: BANN! - maria - 09-01-2014

this bot you can not use even just for maps specilali bannano say that because you're using a scrip external