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Seabot - Junior2002010 - 08-02-2014

Insider meu seabot paro de funcionar, ele fala que eu tenho que compra a nova versao do seabot, ma antes de aparecer a mensagem ele falava que tinha espirado dia 02/02/2014, se vc tiver a nova versa opra postar por favor me manda.


RE: Seabot - Universe - 08-02-2014

Hi ,

In this forum is allowed to write only in English / Italian.

Best regards.


RE: Seabot - yoloman - 17-02-2014

hello, i wanted to ask, why SeaBot doesn't work...

- The bot is not updated with new codes yet. please wait for the new release...

what does that mean ? I think I'll buy the bot but so i can't test it :/


RE: Seabot - Universe - 17-02-2014

Hi ,

Bigpoint has update the code with the restars of his server , so you have just to wait.

IF someone else will open a topic that says "- The bot is not updated with new codes yet. Please wait for the new release ..."

I bannWink