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You Should Avoid These Outdoor Sauna Mistakes - katccxfbak - 26-08-2021

#1 Tip - Avoid Outdoor Sauna Mistakes 
Don't Buy an Infrared for Outdoor Use! Avoid Outdoor Sauna Mistakes - Don't Buy an Infrared for Outdoor Use! Making the mistake of purchasing an infrared sauna for outdoor use is the worst mistake you can make. When the temperature drops 7 to 15 degrees (or more) below the temperature of the indoor chamber, infrared saunas are unable to function properly.
Always remember, however, that an infrared sauna will work just fine in a typical indoor room temperature or outside in the summer - but not in the winter when it is freezing cold. If you are tempted to purchase one, make sure you have a formal money-back guarantee from the seller, stating that the device will be returned if you are not satisfied with it. 

#2 Tip - Sauna Mistake: Do Not Install a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) on Your Electric Sauna
Never use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFI) or ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) on your electric outdoor sauna heater circuit. In accordance with the code, it is not essential to be present. Whenever you splash some water over the heated sauna stones, the GFCI will trip on a regular basis! I've just saved you $140 dollars.

#3 Tip - Sauna Mistake: Using Inappropriate Sauna Lighting
You should use two wall light lights if you have power, and I recommend utilizing heavy duty fittings with special gaskets for surface mounting if you do not have electricity. It is possible to achieve balanced lighting in the sauna room by using two lamps, and you may adjust the sauna light by using a dimming switch. Avoid ceiling pot lights because home sauna installation necessitates the removal of all insulation around the pot due to the buildup of heat around the pot. To be effective, sauna ceiling insulation must be thick and dense!
Use a coal oil lamp placed on a tiny window shelf near the sauna window if you are not connected to the power grid. It will provide warm lighting for both the sauna and the dressing room in an 8x12 sauna that has a sauna room and a dressing room in it.

#4 Tip - Outdoor Saunas: Select the Proper Size for a Custom-Made Sauna Sauna in the open air
If you are constructing a bespoke outdoor hot rock sauna, you should keep the total floor space of the construction under 100 square feet. You will not be required to obtain a building permit in this manner. Check with your local building inspection authorities to ensure that this is the case.

#5 Tip - The Best Outdoor Sauna: The 8'x12' custom size is the best.
Most towns have a 100 square foot maximum for an outdoor construction; therefore, you do not need a permission to construct an outdoor structure if it does not exceed 100 square feet. As an 8'x12' building, it's ideal for an outdoor hot rock sauna with a change room and a place to store wood for the fire inside where it will be nice and dry! It's also a great location for a hot tub! Even though the 8'x12' is the perfect size for the job, it is still modest enough to be cost effective.

#6 Tip - Outdoor Sauna Caution: Wood-fired Sauna Chimneys Must Be Used With Caution
The majority of outdoor saunas are heated by a rock sauna heater that burns wood. In order to guarantee that the chimney is correctly installed according to the code used by the local inspector, the chimney will need to be inspected by the local authorities when the WETT installation of a wood-burning stove is completed.

#7 Tip - Outdoor Sauna Caution: Sauna floors beneath wood-burning stoves should not be used.
A wood-burning rock heater should never be installed on top of a concrete patio slab that is directly on top of a wood floor. Sauna heaters and wood burning stoves are extremely efficient, therefore the area beneath the sauna stove will be heated, thereby heating the concrete patio stone. It has been reported to cause the wooden sauna floor to catch fire around 8 hours later. So make sure you have enough of marsh mellows on hand!