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Best way to bot?
Hi guys!

Just came back today on SF after years.

I was wondering what's the best way to bot for me.

I've 290 slots for guns, lvl 17, 220 vodoos, same for admirals.
I've no guild and I would like to bot alone. I'm planning on buying the best guns asap with real money but i do also need tons of pearls for upgrades.

Atm i'm planning on boting on bonus maps and normal maps for mojos/pearls with a x2. But... i dont have that much elite canonball, i do need a lot of gold for hollowballs and... it's pretty slow to finish bonus maps since that i only hit for 7500-8000 damages with hollowballs.

What should i do please?
buy keys for chests u will get a lot of amunation + and other good stuffs i do it all the time when is event and u can buy keys for lower price or if you have sale in market u can buy normal key what ever its good Smile try it
bonjour je ne peux plus telecharger le seabot 3.1.167 car dit que google le bloque , pourrier vous regarder a se probleme et le resoudre le soucie qui a . merci davence

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