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Problem to enter Seabot
When will I enter Seabot asks the .NET Framework v4.0.30319, where can I download or what I do? Thanks
This is the link for .NET Framework 4
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no es el framework porque ya lo instale pero igual sigue sin funcionar me pueden dar una solucion porfavor se los agradeceria mucho...

hello. and install the framework but the bot still does not work. me is very helpful program and would like to continue using it. they are appreciate if you give me a solution. I hope your answer thanks ...
Hi ,

After installing the framework, reboot your pc and a clean with ccleaner.

After doing all these things, start seabot as administrator .

Best Regards .

hello. I did the steps you provided me. I downloaded the framework I've cleaned my pc, run the program from the administrator but still can not access the program. would not be better to simply create the version 2.0.19? because it seems to have no solution .. I hope your answer thanks ...
Hi ,

Have you used ccleaner ?
if I have the version v4.09.4471 (64-bit) but still the same
(05-01-2014, 12:35 PM)mathiaspopo123 Wrote: if I have the version v4.09.4471 (64-bit) but still the same


Can you upload an screenshoot of your problem?

Thank You Smile
¿Que necesito para poder entrar al BOT?
Cuando quiero abrirlo me dice que no se ha podido inicializar correctamente la aplicación u.u Ayúdenme por favor
Hi ,

@Omaar only English / Italian in this forum .

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