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Most effective way to bot
Hi guys, I am new at this forum,but ive been playing sea fight for 3 years now. I were inactive 1 year and lost my account,so a created a new. I didnt want to buy everything new,so i looked for a more comfortable way to be a good player.I found this bot and its really nice.
So now the main thing:

Whats the most effective way to bot for pearls, whats the most effective way for botting gold and so on. Please write here whats your method do bot and write some tips to do it most effective. Feel free to talk about the best botting method.

Thanks and Regards

Hi ,

the best method for make pearls is the bonus map or glitters , But do not stay too much time logged ( 5-6 hours is good ) .

Best regards .

Medoschi ( Moderator )
and where should i bot glitzies?? with which settings (bot settings,ship,speed and so on)? How much pearls do you make a hour?

It dependnd on map, your speed, your skills, if u have duplicator...
Remember that you have 2 days trial to see it with your eyes...


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