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license - jagogo - 16-12-2013

firstly, thanks to all for your hard works
i know this version beta and everyone can use it
when you release final version
if i get a license, can i use bot for more than 1 ship?i have 2 ships at different servers
also how can i get license

RE: license - iNSiDER - 16-12-2013

Yes you can log in 2 ships or more


RE: license - AndyX - 18-12-2013

First of all, great job remaking the Seabot again. Just tested it and it works very good, Just missing the BM function now Smile

Was also woundering, when you start selling the bot, will the ones who allready bought a license before have to pay again? I hope that is not the case since I was told it would be a lifetime license.

Best regards

RE: license - zzzmakszzz - 18-12-2013

сделайте пожалуйста чтобы напротив каждого бота можно было выбрать ядра, тоесть при запуске программы можно было бы бить разных ботов разными ядрами

please do so in front of each bot could choose the kernel, ie at startup could be different beat bots different kernels and sorry for my english