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[Release] SeaBot v.3.2! Unity version
Hey there,

SeaBot 3.2 is now available and is fully compatible with the new SeaFight Unity client.

However this is not the real "new" SeaBot, this is just a mod of the previous SeaBot that has been patched in order to work with Unity. As the new SeaBot is not ready to be publicly released yet, i've decided to release this temporary version so you can enjoy SeaBot while the new one is being developed.

First installation steps

- Download the SeaBot installer (link below) and install the software;
Some antivirus may detect SeaBot as a virus, so after installation you'll need to add the SeaBot folder into the exclusions list of you antivirus, here there is a small guide showing you how to do that:;
- After logging in into SeaBot, a Windows Firewall alert will be showed, it is strictly important that you click on "Allow access".

[Image: 10.png]

Done! You can now enjoy SeaBot.

As it is the first release, there might be some bugs, if you find any please let me know.


Elitepvpers backlink

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 66.86 MB / Downloads: 9,375)
Terms & Conditions
  • Using this Bot you violate the Terms & Conditions of the game, however i'm not responsable if your account get banned.
  • If you buy a Premium license is not guaranteed the correct functioning of this software forever* (chargeback not offered).
  • When you buy a license, it will be activated immediately.
  • Each license is only for 1 pc!

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