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Link for Buy
paysafe card link ?
the only payment system is paypal because de majority select this choose in the pool for payment.

regards Sphinx
If you get an error when opening the bot or during the login, check
if you have installed .NET Framework 4.0

If it is installed and the bot crash, uninstall it.

Now download the full version of .NET Framework here:

Thanks for support

The best regards, insider production
You will lose some of buyer by paypal so please make paysafe
Can i have a link to buy,
i would like to buy too
yes me want to buy too.
but better is PSC... were can i pay with paypal??
yo quiero comprar la licencia
(29-12-2013, 02:45 PM)moutas1 Wrote: yo quiero comprar la licencia

Wrote on italian/english please.
When license get over, it open a web to buy directly.
The activation is istantantly.

I want to get a link to buy the license.
Nice work, guys ...
but why bot 2.0.17 shows the end of the license is 29.12, while today bot 2.0.14 showed 30.12??
Today is Sunday, not to do anything about it .....
shame night, not come to me fair ....

it was not possible to prepare for license renewal ....

Nobody knew what the payment will be ....

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