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Tutorial SeaBot v.3.0 [ENG]
After months and months

[Image: ac3iaf.png]

Here we are!!

After much time of hard work we have finished the beta version about SeaBot and now is ready FOR YOU

Structure of bot is like this :

-.-.-.-.- Login with your forum account -.-.-.-.-

[Image: lunmx.png]

-.-.-.-.- After loggingIn, you have to log on your game account from this view -.-.-.-.-

[Image: 28r1wsw.png]

-.-.-.-.- Now, the bot log your ship in the last server used, when the ship appear you can start botting from this view -.-.-.-.-

[Image: 2cp7wg8.png]

-.-.-.-.- In the seguent image you can see the statistics about your ship botting -.-.-.-.-

[Image: 2v9yute.png]

-.-.-.-.- Now you can start botting!! -.-.-.-.-

[Image: 2gy6iwg.png]

-.-.-.-.--.-.-.-.- Function of Bot -.-.-.-.--.-.-.-.-

- Starting ship in the last server used automatically
- MultiAccount
- Random moviments like human playing
- Collect Glitters
- Collect Chest

P.S : If you get an error with the bot, search on forum if anyone had the same problem and check the answer, if you don't find any similar thread, create a new thread and wait for the answer!
Check always any words that console write!
The console is under the "Main" view!

You can download the last version of bot in this section!! : SeaBot 3.0 Download !

Enjoy with us!!

Best Regards iNSiDERCOD3 Team
If you get an error when opening the bot or during the login, check
if you have installed .NET Framework 4.0

If it is installed and the bot crash, uninstall it.

Now download the full version of .NET Framework here:

Thanks for support

The best regards, insider production

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